A revolutionary learning system that gives you joyful learning Hindi experience !

Why learn Hindi with Langistan ?

We have tried to move away from ancient computer generated robotic style teaching languages to an environment where real teacher-student interact and observe real-life Hindi conversations from various scenarios of day to day life. You learn Hindi in Langistan by doing, listening & watching.

  • Over 450 HD instruction videos. 
  • All content produced in unique 4 LINE SYSTEM of learning languages.
  • Animations, Rich graphics to visually present pronunciation & grammar.
  • Huge exercise and practice library (500 +).
  • Real life conversation videos all filmed in north India with native people.
  • Ask your question anytime.
  • Highly motivated & experienced faculty.

    Sample Hindi Lesson

Program Tester

Pamela T. has tested our course - Hindi for Beginners before pre-launch. She also volunteered to make our content more expressive and visual. This is what she has to say about our Hindi learning program.