The Langistan Story

Hindi & India go together like two peas in a pod as does the love and passion that we have to share the wonderful language of India with you.

At Langistan, owned by Cocoma Digital Private Limited, we believe there is a better way to learn languages. A more valuable and less invasive way where students speak the language and learn by doing. Not robotic and book based but more vibrant, alive and natural.

The most fulfilling way of learning Hindi is to be actively involved in and living the language of India. Our mission is to help students from all around the world achieve success in speaking Hindi and other Indic languages. We focus on developing more intuitive language learning content which is beyond learning grammar & structures. Learning with people’s life and stories connecting you with the experience of India

Even though it is the 4th most spoken language in the world, Hindi is one of the least promoted languages in the world and the internet, Learning Hindi should be easily available to everyone. This can now be achieved through the Langistan learning program and community.

2012 Our beginning

The beginning of today's Langistan took place in March, 2012 by Anil Mahato.

The concept was started on You Tube with Learn Hindi Lessons with Anil Mahato creating a community of Hindi learners. The channel was created to host videos which were produced to help a friend volunteering in Rajasthan, Anna Marie Miller from New Zealand.

In 2012 Hindi content was not widely available on the internet. The channel and content received a lot of attention and views increased like a wildfire. As channel coordinator I started receiving many requests on various topics of Hindi.


Late 2013 Facebook Group (13,400 members)

Gradually greater communication between teacher and students was required. The most accessible way was to create a Facebook group of Hindi learners and teachers, including native people and self-taught Hindi speakers.

After successfully running the group for a year we faced a new problem.

New members and students at the an elementary level, were asking same simple questions & phrases that has been asked & answered very well several times. This was a problem with using Facebook, a more time flexible approach was required.

2014 Hindi learning blog

We needed somehow to present Hindi educational content in a more organized and visual fashion. So we integrated a blog - along with this group.

In the blog, over 200 articles and videos on learning Hindi, alongside other cultural videos, were published. Navigation of content and the available technology of the blog did not reach the students effectively or in the way we wanted.


2015 Hindichamp

It was decided to improve again, improve the technology, the presentation and the website.

The project started in 2015 with the name Hindichamps, a path to make you Hindi champion, but lack of fund, skills, and team members leaving out ensured the work was not launched to beta testing. The team left and Hindichamp stopped.


2016 Langistan

Anil Mahato, the founder, committed 100% to the project and used his all savings to buy the right technical hands & tools for the project. This time more than Hindi would be offered, the aim was to make all Indic languages accessible.

Now in 2018, with support of the few wonderful friends, volunteers, team and our beautiful subscribers, we are ready to pre-launch Langistan school of languages with our first language - Hindi. is owned by Cocoma Digital Private Limited, whose director is Anil Mahato.


Where does the name Langistan come from?

Langistan is a word made with two words - Languages & Stan ( ـستان Persian - “place of” or “country”). We mixed both words to make it sound like a country of languages or place of languages, which exactly is India, where this all started. Stan has also travelled to India as स्थान (Sthan) , which means same “place of” or “country”.